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Finally started with Gatsby JS

Hello World!

This very site is built with Gatsby JS and living in Netlify. I was thinking about to start learning gatsby and the quarantine period helped me. What Gatsby sites are actually React web applications thus it fast and efficient, and perfectly timed with my React learning period as well.

As the front-end world advances fast there are new products and frameworks emerging almost every day. Trying to pick among them and see how it can benefit my career path is always a though in my head. One of the product I’ve been following is Netlify; a platform for all of the front-end needs. So far I found it developer friendly and easy to use with having detailed tutorials and an informative interface.

This blog lives in there and generates a build whenever I push, and if that’s not enough I am using Netlify CMS to create this blog post as well. A CMS for static pages!

Gatsby and Netlify CMS